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MAY 10 READINGS...Psalm 35-38

Psalm 35 brings us to a kind of Psalm that is called imprecatory...that is a Psalm that calls down God's judgment or punishment on our enemies. David wrote several of these Psalms...and they seem to make many Christians uncomfortable. We don't think we should ask God to judge, but to forgive...especially on our behalf. But we need to understand that David is actually following the biblical model for followers of the Lord, when they have been harmed. David is putting this in the hands of the Lord...he understands that it is the Lord who is our defender...and that it is only the Lord who will bring justice. On this earth there is no perfect justice...only God brings perfect justice. Both in Deuteronomy 32:35 & Romans 12:19 we are instructed not to seek revenge on those who misuse us, but to hand it over to the Lord..."for vengeance is mine says the Lord". In David's imprecatory Psalms that is what he is doing...he is placing those who stand against him in the hands of the Lord...for he knows the Lord will always do what is right.

We also read Psalm 37 today...and it sounds a little like the writings of David's son Solomon in his writings in Proverbs. David analyses the difference between the godly and the wicked. And though we wonder sometimes why it seems the wicked are prospering...their prosperity is limited and fleeting. David tells us not to worry about the wicked, and not to envy those who do wrong. We are called to trust in the Lord and to do good. We are told to stop being angry, for no good comes from it. In the New Testament we are told to "be angry, but do not sin" other words not to let our anger control us, or lead us into sin. Don't be surprised that the wicked plot against the is what they do, for they are of their father the devil. If you need counsel seek if from the godly, and not from the wicked...remember the wicked cannot give you what they don't have. Always remember that ultimately the Lord always rescues the godly...He is our fortress, He is our shelter. There is no safer place for us to be than under His loving care and in His presence.

Please share anything the Lord impressed upon you in your readings today. Walk in godliness...and stay away from all evil. Know that you are under the powerful protective care of the Creator of the universe. What could be better?

TOMORROW'S READINGS...Psalm 39-41 & 53 & 55 & 58



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