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MARCH 9 READINGS…Numbers 30:1-31:54.

The Lord gives instruction to Moses concerning any vows the people would make. Vows were a serious thing, it is more than a commitment, it is a strong promise to do something…if the people make a vow, they were required to keep it. The Lord had special requirements for the a virgin who still lived with her father. Because she was under his authority her vow only stood if her father agreed to it. The Lord also told Moses about vows that were made by married women…the woman was under the authority of her husband, he would have to validate or invalidate the vow. If he did not do so in a timely manner the vow would stand. The Lord set the order in the home for the women either under the authority of her father, or her husband.

It was coming close to the time of Moses’ death, and before that time the Lord intended to punish the Midianites for their sin against Israel and the Lord. Moses selected 1000 men from each of the twelve tribes and sent them to destroy the Midianites. They carried out their assignment in a partial manner…they killed the kings of Midian, and even Balaam…but they did not kill the woman who were no longer virgins. This angered Moses because these were the women who enticed the men of Israel into sexual immorality and idolatry. Moses had them killed. After this the spoils of war were separated properly among the fighting men and the nation of Israel. The Lord takes sin seriously and will always deal with the rebellion of mankind…may we take a lesson from the way He dealt with the Midianites.

Please share your thoughts and insights from the readings. Bless you all as you read and feast upon the Word of God.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Numbers 32:1-33:56.

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