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Luke writes of some wonderful ladies who gave their lives to the Lord, and spent their lives in providing for Him as He ministered, especially in the region of the Galilee. This was an interesting group…of course we have Mary Magdalene, who Jesus cast out seven demons…then there was Joanna whose husband worked in Herod’s palace…and many more. Jesus shares two parables in our reading today, the parable of the soil, which we read in both Matthew and Mark. Just a reminder in this parable the sower is the same (the Holy Spirit) …the seed is the same (the Word of God) …but the soils are different (some unready to receive and keep the Word, and some ready to receive the Word of the Lord). Jesus then talks about the fact that no one lights a lamp and then covers up the light it produces. In this parable Jesus speaks about the power of light to reveal what has been hidden in the darkness. In reference to seeing and revealing, Jesus says to those who have this they will gain more, but those who do not have the light what they do have will be taken away.

Our reading in Luke 8 tells us of the miracle power of Jesus to minister in a great way in people’s lives. Jesus calms the storm on the Sea of Galilee…revealing that He is Lord over nature. Jesus cast demons out of a man from Gadara…revealing that He is Lord over all the spiritual realm. A woman is healed of having a flow of blood for twelve years, leaving her continually unclean…revealing that Jesus is Lord over our bodies, and the only One who can make the unclean clean. Finally, Jesus raises the daughter of a man named Jairus from the dead…revealing that Jesus is the Lord over life and death. For anyone that has questions about the validity of the claim that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah, their doubts ought to be put to rest just by what He showed in His miracles…He shows that He is Lord!

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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