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The activity of Jesus’ ministry continues in today’s reading, and so does the opposition. The religious leaders confront Jesus about both His disciples activity, and His own activity on the Sabbath. Reading this I just had to wonder how “nit picky” and even vindictive one would have to be to make a big deal of men walking through a field and grabbing some grain and eating it…as if they were actually working on the Sabbath. Then to be upset with Jesus that He would dare heal a man on the Sabbath…as if ministering to others was not what the Sabbath is all about. Sadly, these religious legalists were not concerned for others, but for their traditions. Some might say that the Sabbath was given by God and was to be kept holy…and that is true, but these men had turned it into something God never intended. How do I know? Because God in the flesh was there among them showing them the true meaning of the Sabbath. We have the promise that when we gather together the Lord will be there in our midst…are we listening, are we intent in following Him as we worship? Luke records for us Jesus’ disciples, and then tells us of Jesus healing multitudes of people…which would have been extremely impressive to Dr. Luke.

Luke records for us a condensed version of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”. In Matthew this sermon is three chapters, while in Luke it is half a chapter. Remember that Matthew was there to hear the sermon, while Luke was not, and probably got it from Peter. But Luke certainly records for us some important truths from Jesus’ message. He tells us part of the beatitudes…he records Jesus warning to the rich, the self content, and those who like to have all people like them. Luke then records Jesus’ message that shook up the way His followers were to live in the world…love your enemies, turn the other cheek, give when asked, do good to all, and show mercy. Luke reminds us that it is not our personal position to condemn others…it is God who will judge such things. But notice he then records Jesus telling us that a tree is known by its fruit…so clearly we are told to judge what people do to know what kind of people they are. Finally, Luke wants us to know the folly of building our life on anything, or anyone else than Jesus. Jesus is our sure foundation…He is the Cornerstone!

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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