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What kind of heart do you have for the lost around you? We all walk by them every day, and their spiritual condition is really not our concern. We have lost the reality eternity, and especially an eternity in hell separated from God. Paul was filled with grief for the lost, and even more than that he said he would be willing to be accursed from Christ in order that others might come to salvation. Now that is a heart for lost people. We can’t seem to be inconvenienced with lost people…and we certainly are not willing to go out our way or our comfort zone for that sake of the lost. Paul so desired that his fellow Jews would know their Messiah, sadly they would reject Him, and continue to reject Him. Paul makes it clear that though salvation came to and through the Jewish people the mark of a true child of Abraham is faith in Jesus as Messiah.

Paul speaks of the Sovereignty of God. One of the eternal attributes of God is that He is Sovereign, and He is THE Sovereign. This means that God does not answer to anyone else…there is no higher authority than God, so who would He answer to? Sadly, there are many that approach their “Christianity” as if God exists to answer to them. They believe their prayer and their faith can “make” God do something. This poor theology makes man sovereign, not God. But, there also a group of people who teach that God’s Sovereignty means that nothing happens unless God “makes” it happen. This poor theology would make God the author of evil and sin…this is contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture. God does what He does, and what He does is always good and righteous. Who can question God? Job tried, and God corrected him. There are so many things we don’t know…they are beyond our comprehension. What we can know is the everything the Bible says that God is…He is. And who He is, He is eternally. He neither answers or bows to anyone…He is the Sovereign.

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