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We rarely consider, when talking about the righteousness of God that it is filled with incredible blessings for we that have come to Him through His Son Jesus. Yes, there are tremendous benefits that are bestowed on us because our God is a righteous God. Paul tells us of some of these in chapter 5 of Romans.

The first is that we have been justified by faith…that is we have been made completely and perfectly right with God. This allows us to have peace with God. In this peace we have complete and total access to our Father who is in heaven. Of course, all this is ours through Jesus. For Jesus when He justifies us makes us righteous (this is our eternal standing), and this righteousness allows us to enter into the presence of the one and only righteous God. This truth brings us joy, even in tribulation. For our righteous God made us righteous through the death of His Son Jesus. We were, and are, unable to make ourselves righteous…but the love of God is demonstrated for us in the death of Jesus, that made we sinners right with God. Then Paul tells us of this wonderful truth. Because we have been justified by Christ’s death, we shall not have to face the wrath of God that is coming upon the whole of creation. In our sin we were enemies of God…but Christ’s sacrifice and our trusting in Him, has reconciled us to God. So, we rejoice in what our righteous God has accomplished for us eternally, and in this life, through Jesus.

The only way we could possible receive the benefit of salvation through our righteous God is because His righteousness is greater than our sin. Jesus, and His sacrifice, is the greatest expression of God’s love and righteousness. And though sin came to all humanity through Adam, and it was devastating …Adam’s sin was not greater than God’s righteousness demonstrated through Jesus’ sacrifice. The disobedience of Adam devastated humanity, and brought death…the obedience of Jesus brings the possibility of the redemption of humanity, and brings life to all who believe. Sin reigns in death, and it is certainly powerful. But, the good news from our righteous God is that grace reigns through righteousness and brings life through the Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t have to remain in our sin, condemned to death…we can come to God through His Son Jesus and know life.

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