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Paul leaves Ephesus and ends up in Greece. He is there teaching for three months. Once again, a group of Jews plotted against Paul. It seemed wherever he went the Jewish religious leaders could not handle either Paul’s teaching, or how the Lord was changing people’s lives. Satan cannot stand for anyone to come to Christ…you see Satan is not opposed to religion, he has a bunch of them, but he hates those who have a real relationship with Jesus. From Greece Paul heads to Troas where he preaches all night (seems Paul is a forerunner to a Baptist preacher) …a young man falls asleep and falls out of the balcony. His fall kills him, but Paul miraculously raises him from the dead. God reveals Himself in so many wonderful ways. You would think after this no one would doubt, but the nature of humanity is never toward God, but toward self.

Paul called for the elders from the church at Ephesus to meet him in Miletus to give them instruction. Paul reminded them of how he performed his ministry among them. Paul also told them that the Holy Spirit told him that when he went to Jerusalem, things there would not turn out good…but he was compelled to go. He warns them about what will happen after he leaves, that savage men will come and try to destroy the work and the church. He even tells them that some from among them would begin to speak and teach perverse things. Paul gives them his final encouragement and again instructs them to be like him and do the work of the ministry willingly. They wept together, and they were filled with deep sorrow for Paul told them that they would not see his face again. The warnings of Paul are good for us to be aware of in today’s church.

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