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JUNE 2 READINGS...Proverbs 20:1-22:16

Solomon speaks a lot in today's readings about justice and righteousness...he also speaks about the relationship with authorities (the king). He speaks of the lazy...and those who love sleeping through life...these are setting their own ruin. Solomon warns against alcohol...for it leads to brawls and if one is led astray by drink they are not wise. Alcohol is a dangerous drug...and has been the ruin of more people than any other drug, by far. Yet it is the most culturally acceptable drug...and even Christian's partake and over-use alcohol with little concern for either its affect on their life, health, behavior, or reputation. Be careful that you don't allow wine to make you a mocker. Solomon warns that we should stay away from corrupt people...we need to be very careful that their corruption neither harms us, or entices us to become involved.

A large part of today's reading deals with personal behavior. We are told that the godly walk in integrity. That we are known by the way we act...whether we are people of pure or impure conduct. We are told not to gossip, or to hang around those who chatter. Solomon again reminds us that vengeance is not ours... we are to trust the Lord to handle those who harm us. It brings great pleasure to the Lord when we do what is right...He is always concerned primarily about our hearts, but we need to understand that a right heart will produce godly actions. Solomon instructs us to watch our tongue and keep your mouth shut--and you will stay out of trouble...there is much wisdom in this statement. Finally, Solomon talks about how a prudent person foresees problems and danger, and takes precautions...while the simpleton goes through life blindly and suffers the consequences. As we follow the Lord in godly wisdom our actions will reflect the goodness, righteousness, and wisdom of God.

Please share any thoughts you have from today's readings. Solomon covered so much more than what I shared, and maybe something left an impression on you. Bless you as you both read and do the Word of God.

TOMORROW'S READINGS...Proverbs 22:17-24:34

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