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JUNE 10 READINGS...1 Kings 15:16-22 & 2 Chronicles 16:1-10 &1 Kings 16:1-34 &1 Kings 15:23-24 & 2 Chronicles 16:11-17:19 & 1 Kings 17:1-7

It has become apparent in our readings that the northern kingdom of Israel will not have a king that is godly, that will follow the Lord. We need to learn from this…corrupt and evil leadership result in corrupt and evil people. We need godly leadership in the government, in our churches, in our homes…so that we might have a godly nation. For Israel the people would only know evil leadership…and sadly they would follow these evil leaders to their doom. Baasha would come to the end of his reign…the prophet of God declared that his dynasty would end, and that his descendants would all die a horrible death. Baasha’s son Elah would follow him, but only serve as king for two years, before being assassinated by Zimri. Zimri immediately slaughters the family of Elah. Zimri becomes king, but as he is leading the army of Israel they turn on him, and call him treasonous for the murder of Elah. Zimri serves only seven days, when he commits suicide rather than be killed by his own men. He is followed by Omri, who will be king for twelve years. Omri purchased land where he built the city of Samaria…which would become the capital of Israel. Omri was an evil king who produced the most evil spawn in his son Ahab. Ahab was more evil than any other king that had come before him, and arguably any king that would follow him. He married Jezebel who brought the worship of baal into the northern kingdom…they even began human sacrifices to this false god.

Meanwhile in the kingdom of Judah Asa is coming to the end of his reign. In his old age he turns from his reliance upon the Lord. He decides to make a treaty with Damascus in order to protect his kingdom from Israel. Oh, that we would learn that it is never good to sit down at the table of compromise with the enemies of God to try and get for ourselves that which should only come from God. Don’t ever sit down at the Satan’s table…the outcome will never turn out good. Here is a truth that the prophet of God shared… we need to understand this today…”The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” Asa dies a horrible death due to a foot decease…and even in his death he would not seek the Lord. Asa’s son Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah…he is a good king who has a heart for the Lord. He even instructs his leadership to go to the towns of Judah and read the law of God to the people…the Lord brings a time of revival to Judah. Can we see the impact of a godly leader? Jehoshaphat also fortifies the army of Judah, and built up storehouses in the important cities of Judah.

Our reading ends with the introduction of Elijah the prophet of God. Elijah will be God’s prophet to the northern kingdom of Israel primarily. He begins his ministry by prophesying a drought that would last for years in Israel. He proclaims this directly to Ahab, making sure he understands that this drought is a judgment of God against Ahab’s evil. Please share your thoughts and insights from today’s readings.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…1 Kings 17:8-20:22

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