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JULY 12 READINGS...Psalm 119

Today’s reading is only one chapter…but it is the longest chapter in the Bible. Psalm 119 is filled with so many great verses that encourage us…particularly to encourage us in the Word of God. I have chosen verse 89 as our key verse in this Psalm…but of course there are so many that could be chosen. Look at this wonderful verse, “Your eternal Word, O Lord, stands firm in the heaven.” God’s Word is eternal…God’s Word is what comes from Him to us. It is not just an expression of ideas or feelings…it flows from God, and since God is the source of His Word…then His Word must also be eternal, true, and perfect. You may have noticed that this long chapter is broken into verses…each of these verses have as their heading one of the letters, in chronological order, of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet…this Psalm is what is known as a Hebrew acrostic poem. I hope like me you love reading this wonderful Psalm.

The writer begins with the promise of joy for those who are people of integrity. What does integrity look like in the life of a follower of Jesus? According to this Psalm it is seen in those who obey the laws of God…His laws are not there to restrain us, and take away our joy…but to set us free from the bondage of sin, and give us His joy. Integrity is seen in those who search for the Lord with all their hearts…it’s not that He is hidden, but there has to be a desire on our parts to seek out the Lord. Integrity is shown in our lives when we do not compromise the truth, and we only walk in the paths of the Lord…there should be no compromise in our lives with this ungodly world system, we only have one acceptable path to walk…the Lord’s path. Integrity brings consistency in our lives…because it will reflect God’s decrees for us…it is the lost and spiritually blind that wander around aimlessly…we who walk in the way of the Lord can both see and live lives that consistently honor our God. Integrity is a call for us to live our lives as we should…lives of obedience to all the decrees of God.

Psalm 119 is the Psalm that continually emphasizes the place and power of God’s Word in our lives. Look at what it says the power of God’s Word does in our lives…remember this is only true if we read, learn, and apply God’s Word in our lives. It keeps us pure…and having it deep in our hearts, keeps us from sinning against the Lord. His Word teaches us good judgment and knowledge. It brings us joy, and gives us life…for God’s Word is neither static, powerless, or dead…it is alive! His Word gives us wisdom over our enemies and their empty philosophies…they guide us in all things. The Word of God lights the path we are to walk on…so that we know we are walking on the proper path the Lord has for us. When the wicked try to trap us…it is the Word of God that leads us, and brings delight to our hearts. His Word is wonderful…they are like honey to our lips. His Word is righteous…it is more than fair…it is perfect…so we completely trust in it. We rejoice in the Word of the Lord…for it is like finding great treasure. God’s Word flows out of His Omniscience…they are for me, for He knows everything about me. And when we are prone to wander…it is His Word that brings us back on the right path.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading. How wonderful and powerful is the Word of God…how precious are His laws. What a great God we have…thank you our Father for your living Word!

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Psalm 120-123 & 125-126

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