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JANUARY 5 READINGS…Genesis 15-17

In today’s readings we see the next step in God’s plan to bring redemption to a fallen world. Early we read of the promise of the Messiah in Genesis 3:15 as the One who would crush the head of the serpent. Now the work of God to bring forth the Messiah continues through the promised One to come from the covenant that God has made with Abraham. God had promised Abraham a son, one through whom the Lord would bring the hope of the world. Abram and Sarai decided not to wait upon the promise and take things into their own hands in having Abram have relations with Hagar. This plan would produce a son, but not the son that God had promised. God does not require our human effort to fulfill His plan. It is true He will use us in the fulfillment of His work, but there is no credit that belongs to us…for we are the vessels of El Shaddai (God Almighty). God would bring a son of promise, and God would do it His way…so no one can claim the glory that belongs to God only. The same God who spoke to Abraham, speaks to us…the same God who worked through Abraham, works through us…the God who gave a promise to Abraham, has given a promise to us.

There is a wonderful verse in our reading that is also found in the Hebrews 11:8 & Galatians 3:6…”Abram (Abraham) believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness.” In our reading today it uses the name “Abram”…in the New Testament verse it uses the name “Abraham”. Abram is on that side of God’s promise…Abraham is on this side, or fulfillment, of God’s promise. Nothing has changed when it comes to being considered righteous before God…it begins with faith. Faith that is clearly initiated by God. Faith is our response to God’s initiative. God spoke to Abram and he believe…he responded to God. For us God has come in Jesus…God has moved in our sinful situation, and by faith we have responded to God’s initiative in sending His Son, in believing. We cannot boast of our great faith, for if God had not moved in us we could not have even responded. How wonderful and gracious is our God…knowing our situation, He has moved in Jesus in order that we sinners might be made righteous!

What impressions did you receive as you read today? Please share them below. May God move in your life as you read His living Word!

TOMORROW’S READING…Genesis18:1-21:7

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