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JANUARY 27 READINGS…Job 30:1-31:40.

We come to Job’s final defense. It begins with Job once again lamenting the lack of both empathy and understanding from those who would offer him counsel. It is a reminder to us that unsolicited advice, without compassion or an attempt to understand, comes off as callous and even judgmental. There is no attempt to bring healing and be helpful in the counsel given by the “friends” of Job. Their words become mockery in the ears of Job. Their words are cruel and absent any genuine concern for Job or for his well being. Job was troubled and he needed someone who really cared about him to speak into his situation and bring real help. These “counselors” merely wanted to be proved right, self justified, and heard. They should have sought to care, spend real time with Job to understand, and then give the words that actually bring help and healing to Job.

Job concludes his speaking with a statement of his innocence. Job honestly wanted to understand why these things were happening to him. He had much of the same understanding as his contemporaries did concerning that when bad things happened to people, they must have deserved it. That is why Job was struggling so much with what was happening to him…he knew that he was right before God. And if we would remember it was God Himself that at the beginning of this book that declared that Job was a righteous man. Job goes through his walk and evaluates that he has kept his eyes and mind from lust…he had spoken truth…he had treated his servants honestly…he ministered to the poor and orphans…he was not boastful about his riches…he never rejoiced when others had fallen into hard times…and finally he was honest about his own shortcomings and sins. He was genuinely wondering what was happening to him. Have you ever felt that way? How did you work through it? We need to realize that there are not always answers this side of heaven.

Please share any insights that you have from today’s readings. I continually pray that each of you are being nourished and nurtured by the Word of God.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Job 32:1-34:37.

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