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JANUARY 26 READINGS…Job 26:1-29:25.

In today’s reading we come to the end of the input from Job’s three friends…Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. In a couple of days, we will meet and hear from another of Job’s friends, Elihu. Job responds to Bildad one more time…reminding him that his input is of no help whatsoever. Bildad speaks with empty platitudes. Job tells him that though Bildad was speaking there was no wisdom in his words. He even challenges Bildad as to what spirits were speaking through him. Advice is cheap and readily available…especially from those who care little for others as human beings, but more about sharing their great “wisdom” and “agendas” to others. Be careful of those who are always anxious to share their opinion into your situation. I would rather receive from those who are hesitant to begin telling me how to be right…to do right…and be made right.

The second part of our readings today is all from Job. Job begins with standing on his integrity, and that he would never concede that his “advisor’s” input is correct. Job speaks of the reality that there are times that the wicked do prosper…but that time is limited…for finally God will deal justly with the wicked. He speaks of how difficult it is for people to find both wisdom and understanding…its never been easy for we mere mortals to grasp these two. I believe that is why James tells us to ask the Lord for it. We see Job becoming melancholy, as he remembers the good times of old. Sometimes in the midst of life happening to us, especially when life is difficult, that all we have to hold onto are the memories. Though we are told not to live in the past…those memories are gifts of God that, at times, will carry us through those tough times. We need to remember that whatever we may go through, God is always faithfully there, and fully who He always is.

Please share any insights that you have from today’s meetings. I know you are being blessed as you spend time in the Lord’s Word.


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