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JANUARY 14 READINGS…Genesis 37:1-38:30, 1 Chronicles 2:3-8, Genesis 39:1-23.

Today we are introduced to Joseph. Clearly he is just a little spoiled by his father…and Jacob did not hide the fact that he loved Joseph more than his brothers. This kind of favoritism caused a lot of problem in the relationship that the brothers had with Joseph. Early in his life the Lord began to give Joseph dreams…in his youth it could certainly be said that Joseph did not display much wisdom or discernment in how he shared his dreams. The sharing of these dreams only served to further inflame his brothers ill feelings toward Joseph…even to the place of them wanting to murder him. Instead of murder… chose to sell him into slavery, and tell their father that he had been killed by a wild animal.

We also see the story of Judah. This is always been curious to me as this would be the line from which the Messiah would come. So many things happened in this story that are clearly contrary to God and His righteousness. Judah’s two older sons sinning against God in so great a way, that God kills them. Then Judah fathering two others sons with his daughter in law, who he thought was a prostitute. Once again we see the honesty of the Scripture in revealing the shortcomings, and outright sins of those who God chooses to use. We must remember that God still uses fallen people…it is God who is perfect…it is God who sanctifies us for His use…it is God we present, and not ourselves.

Joseph finds himself in Potiphar’s house with the lady of the house lusting after him. Joseph remains faithful to God and to his human master, and still he is falsely accused and falsely imprisoned. I hope you noticed that wherever the Lord took Joseph, the Lord blessed him. From being sold to Potiphar to going to prison, the Lord blessed Joseph and raised him up to a place of favor in the eyes of those over him, and to a place of prominence wherever he was. Though Joseph was treated unjustly over and over again by the humans in his life…God never forgot him, and God never took His hand of blessing off of Joseph. The world may treat you cruelly and unfairly…remember you belong to God and His hand of favor is always upon you.

Please share from your readings any impressions you received. It encourages others to read your responses. It is so wonderful for us to be able to make this journey through the Word of God together.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Genesis 40:1-23, Genesis 35:28-29, Genesis 41:1-57.

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