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January 1, 2021 ~ Journey Through The Bible Chronologically



Today we begin our year long journey through the Bible in chronological order. Please read your Bible readings first each day, and then join me here as we share our thoughts together…and I do hope you will share.

As I read this morning there were four things that really stuck out to me. I would like to share them with you. Remember that the Scripture is alive, it’s powerful, it’s the Word of God, and it is completely free of error as the Lord expresses His truth in our lives. The first thing that hit me was in Genesis 1:1…”In the beginning God…” I want you all to notice something about the Scripture…no where does the Bible attempt to prove the existence of God, the Scripture simply declares the existence of God. Though some would like to debate it and dispute it…the existence of God cannot be debated, for it is indisputable. The verse goes on to say, “…created the heavens and the earth.” Once again the creation, out of nothing, of all that exists is not defended, but declared. This is the second part of our readings that continue through chapters 1 & 2 that impacted me. All that exists, both seen and unseen were created “ex nihilio”…out of nothing. Genesis 1 & 2 account for an orderly and complete creation…for when the Lord had finished with creation, He said it is good!

The third truth that I gleaned in my reading was the special creation of humanity. Out of all of creation only the humans were created in the image of God. This statement destroys any thought of human evolution…for from the very beginning we were created in the image of God, both male and female. God created our genders and the proper order of things is established here in the Scripture…including the design of biblical marriage. My fourth point is in Chapter 3 where we are told of both the fall of mankind, and God’s eternal plan of redemption. It is clear that the first humans had the ability of free choice. They could follow God, or they could choose to go there own way. Adam and Eve chose to enter into disobedience to God, and sinned against Him. The impact of their sin not only separated them from God…but it impacted all of creation, “…cursed is the ground…” Genesis 3:15 tells us that right from the beginning God had a plan for fallen mankind’s redemption. As we read through the Bible together we will see all the events of human history that will bring us to the fulfillment of God’s great plan in Jesus…it’s going to be a great journey!

Now as you have read, please share what impacted you in your readings either here on social media, or with someone through your day. Don’t leave the truths you have received on the page…share them!

Remember there will be no devotional on Saturday and Sunday, but we still have our daily readings. Bless you as you feast on the Lord’s Word!

SATURDAY’S READING…Gen. 4-5, 1 Chron.1:1-4, Gen. 6

SUNDAY’s READING…Gen. 7:1-10:5, 1 Chron. 1:5-7, Gen. 10:6-20, 1 Chron. 1:8-16, Gen. 10:21-30, 1 Chron. 1:17-23, Gen. 10:31-32.

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