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FEBRUARY 9 READINGS…Exodus 25:1-28:43

One of the clear things that is taught in the sharing of the events of the exodus, and the establishment of Israel as a nation is that God is in charge. He is not partially in charge, He is not mostly in charge…He is IN CHARGE! One of the major problems I see in modern day Christianity is that the people in the church think that they are in charge. I have seen this in business meetings in churches and in denominational meetings…and it is seen in a very subtle but deadly way…the question is asked by a chairperson, “What is the will of the people concerning this matter?” That is not a legitimate, much less a biblical, question. The church does not exist to find out what the will of the people is…but what the will of God is! Too many decisions are made in our churches, in our denominations, and in our personal lives without any consideration or acknowledgment that it is God who is in charge. Is it any wonder that the church is so anemic and ineffective in our day!

Moses records for us that right from the beginning of this nation of Israel that God would set the standards…because God was in charge. We read of God’s instructions for the funding and the building of the tabernacle. The funding would be through the people of God…they would be responsible to give from what God had given them. That model has not changed…the ministry of the church is to be funded by the people of God giving as an acknowledgment that God is the Giver of all things. Then you will notice that God not only commanded them to build the tabernacle…but to build it according to God’s specifications. It’s God’s tabernacle, where He would meet His people, so it must be built according to God’s design. Not only the tabernacle, but everything that would go into it, and everything that would be used in worship to God. Notice that even the clothes to be worn by the High Priest and the priest were to be according to how God desired them. Today’s readings reminds us of an important truth…God is the Head of His people…it is not the world’s way…it is not religion’s way…it is not our way…it must be God’s way, for God is in charge!

Please share any insights you have from today’s readings. It is my hope that you are being blessed by spending time daily in the Word of God.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Exodus 29:1-31:18

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