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FEBRUARY 4 READINGS…Exodus 10:1-12:42

In today’s reading the Lord brings the final three plagues on Egypt. Did you notice the verbiage changed from “Pharaoh hardened his heart” to “the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart”? The Lord made it clear that all that was taking place was so that the people would know that the Lord is God! There is no one else like Him…none can compare. All the false gods of Egypt are nothing, and can do nothing, compared to YAHWEH. He is not only the maker of mankind’s hearts…He knows our hearts, and He molds our hearts for His purpose. The Lord moved in Pharaoh’s heart to bring the enslavement of the Israelites to a conclusion. God still works in the hearts of both the ungodly, and His followers today. God will accomplish His purpose…no power on earth, or anywhere else, can stand against YAHWEH!

The last plague brings a new celebration feast for the Israelites. And though they could not see it, once again this feast points to a coming “Lamb of God” who would be sacrificed during the Passover celebration. Even the way God instructed His people to place the blood on the door posts and the header points to the cross. The Passover certainly was given as a memorial when God set His people free from the slavery of Egypt…but it also points to a time when God would set His people free from the slavery of sin. God would never again let His people be taken into slavery in Egypt…even though their journey will be difficult and they will want to return. When God sets us free from sins He never again let’s us return to the the bondage of sin…He brings complete and total freedom. We like the Israelites might want to return to that world of sin… but it has nothing for we who have been set free in Jesus!

Please share your thoughts on today’s reading. My pray is that you are being greatly blessed by spending time daily in His Word. I know you will be enlightened as. You continue to read through the Bible chronologically.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Exodus 13:1-15:27

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