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FEBRUARY 25 READINGS…Leviticus 25:24-26:46

Today’s reading continues with the instructions from the Lord concerning the treatment of the people of Israel and God’s provision for them. He gives Moses instructions concerning the land, which is part of the covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…the land belongs to God. God will assign the land for each of the tribes of Israel once the people enter into the promised land. These assignments are to be perpetual, and if for some reason there arose a need to sell the land, the seller would always have first right to buy it back…and in the Year of Jubilee the land would be returned to those to whom God originally gave it. He also gave instruction should the need arise for an Israelite to sell himself to another. The Lord told them to treat their fellow Israelite like a hired worker…and never to treat an Israelite like a slave. This person or a family member could buy their freedom…and in the Year of Jubilee the person would be set free and the debt forgiven.

In the second portion of our reading we are given the Mosaic Covenant for the people of Israel. In the Old Testament there are two kinds of covenants that God made with His people…one is an unconditional covenant, the other is a conditional covenant. The covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was an unconditional covenant. It was unbreakable, and its promise from God was not conditioned on the actions of the nation of Israel…the land promise is an example of this covenant. The Mosaic Covenant was a conditional covenant…it was the promises of God to Israel based on how they responded to Him. God hates idolatry…and He warned Israel of the grave consequences of their disobedience in leaving Him and going after other gods. Israel’s disobedience would lead to punishment…from the lack of rain to bringing them to the place of such destitution that they would eat the flesh of their own children…and then ultimately being exiled in foreign lands. But because of God’s unconditional covenant, He promised He would always bring them back to the land He had given them.

Please share your insights from today’s readings. I remind you that our God is a promise keeping (covenant keeping) God. He has established an unconditional covenant with us through His Son Jesus. Thank you God for the wonderful promise we have through your one and only Son, Jesus!

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Leviticus 27:1-34 & Numbers 1:1-54



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