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FEBRUARY 23 READINGS…Leviticus 20:1-22:33

The Lord is continuing to instruct Moses concerning what is needed for Israel to have a decently and godly ordered society. The readings today seem to be extreme in the punishment that the Lord requires for violations…but this reminds us of the severity of sin, and that if sin is let to continue, the society itself would be destroyed. Human history is filled with examples of societies that have fallen from their own moral depravity. Our society is in severe decline because we have thumbed our noses at God and practice and celebrate the very sins that Scripture forbids. It is clear that in the Lord’s sight there are capital crimes that require capital punishment. Life is precious…sin is serious…and because of the preciousness of life we see the severity of some sins in the eyes of the Lord.

Moses also continues to share the Lord’s instruction for the priests and the High Priest. He deals with the family of the priest and High Priest and their conduct. Holiness remains the position of the Lord, and those who represent Him to His people must also be holy. Also, we are reminded that the offerings we bring to the Lord must be acceptable to Him. He determines what is and is not acceptable. Today’s reading finishes with the reminder to Israel, and to us also, that we are to faithfully keep all the Lord’s commands by putting them into practice. To know the Word of God is never enough…we are to know the Scripture, and we are required to live according to the Scripture. The Scripture was never meant to be left on the pages of the Bible…it is meant to be lived!

Please share your thoughts and insights on today’s readings. Daily in our readings the Lord reveals Himself to us…He does this as He reveals His truth and way to us.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Leviticus 23:1-25:23

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