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In our reading today Mark records for us both bad and sad events. The bad happens in His hometown of Nazareth. It was on a Sabbath that Jesus did what He did every Sabbath…He went to the synagogue to read the Scripture and teach. When they heard Him teach, rather than listening, receiving, and believing because of the great teaching and the miracles…all they could see Jesus as was the son of a carpenter. They rejected Jesus, so there were no miracles done by Him in Nazareth. The sad event was the murder of John the baptizer by King Herod. Herod was actually both fascinated and fearful of John. John condemned the king because of his adultery with his brother’s wife. Herodias schemed to get Herod to give her what she wanted most…the death of this prophet who would dare to speak words toward the royal family. She had her beautiful daughter do a special dance for the king…who was so impressed he said he would give her anything she wanted. Her mother had already told her to ask for the head of John. Herod had John beheaded, and his head brought to the girl on a platter. The corruption of the powerful…their rejection of truth…their abuse of godly people, is part of every generation.

Jesus sends His disciples out to minister…and He gave them power over demons and to heal the sick. He also instructed them to take nothing with them, but to trust God to supply. If they were rejected they were to move on. Mark then records Jesus’ continued service through His miracles. He fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. When He was finished feeding the multitude there were twelve basket full left over. It is always that way with Jesus for us also…remember with Jesus you will always have more than you started with. Jesus walks on water…this amazing miracle served to increase the faith of the disciples. They came ashore at Gennesaret and there Jesus served the community by healing the sick…and whoever touched Jesus was healed. How incredible is Jesus our Savior. I hope you trust in Him to be your incredible Savior and Lord.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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