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FEBRUARY 17 READINGS…Leviticus 4:1-6:30.

I know that the readings in Leviticus can be tedious at times…and that it seems that Moses repeats himself over and over again. Keep in mind that what is happening here for the people of Israel is that God is establishing His people…He is setting the ground work for the nation. Israel was set up as a theocracy…meaning that they were to have no head or king…God was to be the leader of the nation. It was through God’s law that the people were to be responsive to the Lord. God had appointed Moses to be the one through whom God would give His law to the people. It takes time to both give the laws…and then to give instruction on how those laws are to be lived. It is also part of God’s instruction to share with the people both the penalty…and the remedy when His laws are broken. So as you continue through Leviticus remember what is taking place, and where the people of Israel are as a nation…this is why it is written as it is.

In today’s readings Moses dealt with procedures for the “sin offering” and the “guilt offerings”. These offerings according to Moses were offered when people unintentionally sinned against God’s law, or against others. What does he mean by unintentional…are not all sins intentional? Think about your walk…as we are all guilty of sin. We understand sin is a choice we make…but there is a difference between committing a transgression and intentionally rejecting the law of God. There are those who would say…”I know what the God says concerning the way I am to live, but I don’t care…I will live anyway I like.” These are intentionally standing against God and His position as the One who is sovereign. All of us do things that are contrary to God…though not all of us decide to live a life in complete rebellion to God and His truth and way. There is a difference…salvation comes to us when we recognize our sin, and our need for a Savior. Where there is no recognition of sin, nor conviction of sin…there is no recognition of the need for a Savior. Sadly, there are those who live their lives in intentional rebellion to God’s authority, and what God has deemed holy and right…for these individuals there is no sacrifice, there is no salvation.

Please share any insights you received from today’s readings. Let me encourage you to stay the course in your daily readings…it will be a huge blessing to you. Don’t worry about what you may not understand, and thank the Lord for what you do understand. Bless you all as you stay in the Lord’s Word.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Leviticus 7:1-8:36

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