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You have probably noticed that I am combining yesterday’s and today’s writing…I was out yesterday, plus these two chapters are about the same subject. Chapter 8 begins with the opening of the last seal on the scroll by Jesus. This seal reveals seven more angels that were each given a trumpet. Another angel took an incense burner from the altar of God and through it to the earth. This again speaks of literal events that are about to happen on the earth…scoffers mock…progressives deny…liberals warp, but it does not matter…these things are going to happen. The first of the seven angels blows his trumpet bringing hail and fire, mingled with blood, upon the earth. If this sounds familiar, it should…remember this is similar to one of the plagues brought against Egypt by Moses. This destroys a third of the trees and green grass. The second angel sounds his trumpet and the sea is hit by something like a mountain, maybe a huge meteor that kills a third of life in the sea, and destroys a third of the ships. Angel number three’s trumpet brings something like a star from heaven, again, maybe a meteor, that poisons a third of the fresh water in the rivers and lakes. Many people die because they drink the poisoned water. The fourth angel sounds his trumpet and the sun, moon, and stars are darkened by a third. This brings another angel flying in the heavens saying, “Woe, woe, woe”, for what is about to occur on the earth.

Chapter 9 begins with angel number five sounding his trumpet. This time an angel comes from heaven and opens the bottomless pit (the abyss, Tartarus) …this is the prison of the fallen angels (demons). This angel releases these demons upon the earth. John describes these evil beings as being like locus on the land. They had a sting like a scorpion to torment mankind…but could not touch anything on the land, or those who had been sealed by God. God’s people are protected from the torment of these demons. The torment will cause men to want to commit suicide, but God will not let them take their lives. These demons had as their commander Abaddon (the destroyer). The sixth angel blows his trumpet, and once again angels are released…this time to kill a third of mankind. These angels will use a two hundred-million-man army to do their work of devastation. One would think such devastation would cause all people left on the earth to repent…sadly, that is not the case, for mankind’s heart will just grow harder and harder. These things are coming…it is past time for each of us to make sure we are right with God, by trusting in His Son Jesus.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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