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AUGUST 9 READINGS...Jeremiah 12:1-15:21

Do you ever get confused when you look around at the condition of the world? Does it bother you when you see evil and wicked people prosper? Are you frustrated when you have to walk through life with so many difficulties and the ungodly seem to have the world by the tail? Do you ever cry out to God and ask why the evil people seem to be winning…why they seem to be so happy…why they get everything and the godly suffer? If so, you are not alone…for Jeremiah wondered those very same things. He had difficulty understanding why those who used the Name of God as a “by-word” …those who did not really know Him, seemed to be blessed of God. The Lord’s answer to Jeremiah was basically to hold on, to not become weary when dealing with the ungodly…God has His time, and He will not be mocked. When the Lord’s judgment falls on a wicked and sinful people, no one will escape. We need to remember that justice will ultimately prevail, and God will bring forth His righteousness. We also need to have a heavenly perspective on these things…remember our time in heaven will be much longer than it will be here. Here we are temporal…there we are eternal. In that place there are no wicked…there is no evil…only those who genuinely belong to the Lord.

In our readings for the last two days we have seen why Jeremiah is known as the “weeping prophet”. At every turn it seems like his heart is broken with the sin of Judah, and the heavy weight of knowing what is about to happen to his people. God has clearly moved past the place of possible redemption for this evil and wicked people…it is now time for His judgment to come upon them. The Lord even instructs Jeremiah nor to pray for the people anymore. The time for prayer had passed…the possibility of the people correcting their sinful ways was never going to happen. The false prophets continue to tell the people that, “all is well” …but God makes it clear to Jeremiah that these are not His prophets, for they have spoken lies and have attributed them to God. Jeremiah continues to weep at the total devastation of the judgment that will come upon the people as a result of their sins against God. God did not spare His chosen people, Israel, when they continued to sin against Him, and His judgment is surely coming upon our nation and world. This world is not getting better…it is becoming more ungodly and wicked by the hour. We have thumbed our noses at God and have told Him we will live anyway we want, and we will do any ungodly and evil thing we want. The Lord’s judgment is coming soon…I pray you all are part of His redeem, I pray you will walk in His righteousness alone, I pray you are ready for the days ahead.

Please share any thoughts you might have from today’s reading. Also, ask God to show you what He sees when He looks at the condition of the church, our country, and our world today. Pray, while there is still time for a time of redemption for many who are caught up in unbelief and sin.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Jeremiah 16:1-18:23 & 35:1-19



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