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Paul shares an important truth that we need to understand that what we know about God and His marvelous work is known by revelation. That is, the Holy Spirit reveals God and His work in our hearts, minds, and souls. The things of God are only known by the revelation of the Spirit of God. We only know Jesus as Savior and Lord through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. We are a blessed people to have been born in the time we were born. Those who lived before the coming of Christ had to live their lives looking forward to the promise of the Messiah, having never, in this life, being able to know Him in the way we know Him. The greatness of the salvation of God is though they never were able to know the Messiah, by faith in looking forward to His coming, they were able to know the promise of eternal life. We who live in this dispensation have no reason to doubt or give up, for we know that Jesus has overcome all things by His death on the cross, and His Resurrection. We have the Holy Spirit who both reveals this truth, and is our guarantee of our relationship with God through Christ.

Paul then begins to praise the Lord for His great work for we who are part of the body of Christ, the church. He is the Head of the church…and we have our identity in Him. He is a gracious Lord, who strengthens us through His Spirit, enabling us to withstand all things that might come our way. We are rooted and grounded in His love, so much so that we are able to experience the fullness of the love of Christ. This allows us to live in the fullness of God. Paul closes this chapter by speaking of the magnificence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He states the fact that our Lord is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. It is His power at work in us that makes us who we are…and because of that we declare that all glory belongs to Christ Jesus, forever and ever…Amen!

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