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AUGUST 24 READINGS...Jeremiah 32:1-33:26 & Ezekiel 26:1-14

Today again we read from both Jeremiah and Ezekiel. They are writing at the same time about what the Lord is doing in Jerusalem and the nations that surround Judah. Maybe you notice that Jeremiah keeps the date of his writings by the years that Zedekiah has been king…and Ezekiel keeps time by the number of years that King Jehoiachin has been in captivity. Why the difference? Again, they are writing at the same time, but Jeremiah is in Jerusalem where Zedekiah is, and Ezekiel is in Babylon where Jehoiachin is held.

Jeremiah’s message is not welcomed by King Zedekiah. As a matter of fact, the king has put Jeremiah in prison for the words he was speaking. You know a nation is in trouble when people are being imprisoned and pressured to be silent. If you cannot see this is exactly what is happening today in our country, you are not honestly looking…and it is going to get worse. Despots do not like those who do not fall in line, and speak the “company” line. Free speech is the first casualty of government control. It reminds me of the line in the movie “A Few Good Men”, from Jack Nickelson… “You can’t handle the truth!” When the time comes where free people can no longer speak truth because it offends the powers that be…that people are in trouble. God told Jeremiah that Jerusalem was going to fall, and everyone who fought against Babylon would die…also Zedekiah would be taken captive back to Babylon. The Lord also gave Jeremiah two wonderful promises. First, that Jerusalem would be restored. Second, that an honorable King, from the line of David would come and set up His everlasting kingdom, Messiah. Then God affirms His promise by saying that as sure as one day will always follow another, so His promise will be fulfilled.

God has Ezekiel speak against Tyre. Tyre was a rich and beautiful city. It was a seaport city, where all kinds of expensive items came from the east. They like so many rich countries, cities, and people thought they were invincible, and had need of nothing. God says that He is their enemy. I can assure you that you don’t want God as your enemy. God stands against what is happening in our country, and our world. Sadly, we have made God our enemy, and because we have, His judgment is upon us. God tells Tyre through Ezekiel that Babylon will come and completely destroy their beautiful city. He will carry their riches away, and their fall will be great. Babylon will plunder the homes of the rich, and then knock their homes down and cast the material of the home into the sea. The Lord said they would never rebuild. To have God as an enemy is to guarantee one’s complete and utter destruction.

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings. Again, take notice the striking similarities of both Judah’s and Tyre’s rebellion against God, and that of our own nation and world.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Ezekiel 26:28:26 & 2 Kings 25:3-7 & Jeremiah 52:6-11 & 39:2-10

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