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AUGUST 19 READINGS...Ezekiel14:1-16:63

Judah’s leaders who had forsaken the Lord and His ways had visited Ezekiel…in clear hope that the prophet’s words would confirm that they are okay, and will be blessed of the Lord they had rejected. The Lord led Ezekiel to speak to them in truth…they were idolaters, they were embracing things that caused themselves and the people to fall into sin. The Lord says, “Why should I listen to their requests?” …why should the Lord answer their prayers? The audacity of these evil leaders, who have rebelled against God, to ask the Lord to do anything for them. The only message the Lord has for them is to repent and turn from their idols, and stop all their detestable sins. They won’t do this…they love their idols and their sin…but they still want the blessings of God. Listen, everyone, we cannot live in sin and expect to receive the blessing of God! When there is corrupt and ungodly leadership in the land, it is incumbent for the people of God to speak up. In our country if there ever was a time for the church to speak up, it is now. We have ungodly people leading our country…they sacrifice our children to the god Molech by the millions…they are unable to make moral decisions for our people, for they are immoral themselves…they have no integrity, no fear of God…and seek their own power rather than serving the people and God. Don’t listen to the false prophets and teachers that tell you everything is going to be alright, everything is good…the judgment of God is coming on this nation that has rejected and rebelled against God!

God says that He is going to bring a four-fold judgment against Judah, and that this judgment is sure, and that only the righteous will be spared. God says He is bringing war, famine, wild animals, and disease…and the judgment will be so complete that it will destroy both people and animals. God’s judgment will affect everyone who is living in sin and rebellion against Him. He said that even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were there, their righteousness would save them, but it would not save anyone else…even their own children. The Lord calls Jerusalem a useless vine, and an unfaithful wife. The vine produces no fruit, and even its vines are not useful to fuel a fire. They had prostituted themselves with false gods…even to the point of sacrificing their children to these false gods. God again says that His judgment is sure, and now was the time it had come. What about us? Do you suppose what is happening in our land is pleasing to the Lord? Do you think we will escape the judgment of God? Are we not even more wicked that Israel and Judah were? We have killed more of our own innocent children than ancient Judah ever did. We celebrate our rebellion and declare that we do not need God. We flaunt our sin and thumb our noses at God…telling Him He can’t do anything to us. We don’t even realize we are already under His judgment…and none shall be spared from His judgment except those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ alone.

Please share your thought from today’s readings. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Speak truth, and speak up against that which is evil, including our leadership. Share Christ as you have opportunity, for He is the only hope for anyone in this day.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Ezekiel 17:1-19:14

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