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We see Paul’s continued defense of his apostleship in Chapter 11. He seems almost embarrassed that he has to do this. Since the false teachers, are making strong accusations against him, he is somewhat forced to do it in order to reinforce his credentials. The false teachers were probably the Judaizers who wanted to impose Jewish practices and observations, particularly circumcision, on the Gentile Christians. Paul references the story of the serpent in Eden to remind them, and us, to be aware of the lies and schemes of the Adversary. Note the contrast between craftiness and simplicity. The choice is between following the cunning, craftiness and sophistication of the false teachers who present a false Jesus or the simple truth of the real Jesus. A slanderous criticism of Paul was because of Paul’s refusal to accept any money from the Corinthians that his message was therefore not as valuable as the false teachers who took their money. Paul tells them that he will continue to refuse their money and this will further highlight the differences between God’s truth and the lies of Satan. Paul reminds them that Satan often presents himself as an “angel of light” and to be aware of the many servants of Satan.

Paul then repeats that he wishes that he did not have to defend himself yet it was necessary in light of the claims that the false teachers were making against him. Dripping with sarcasm, Paul tells the unrepentant Corinthians that they are embracing the very ones who are taking advantage of them. He then proceeds to enumerate the hardships that he has endured for the sake of Christ. Above all of this, we see his love and intense concern for his Corinthian brothers and sisters, his spiritual children, that they not be seduced and led astray. The chapter ends with Paul calling on God as a witness to the fact that what the false teachers called perhaps his biggest “weakness” is actually validation of his apostleship with a reference to the story that we find Acts 9:25 where Paul escapes Damascus after being let down in a basket.

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Devotional written by Dan Peña

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