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The second chapter of 2 Corinthians begins with Paul affirming his love for the church. He is grieved at what has taken place in the church with the coming of false teachers who attack Paul and his apostleship. But, Paul wanted to be careful not to grieve those who have stayed the course, and remained faithful, with this second letter. More than anything he wanted the church to know that they were loved, and if his letters seemed harsh in any way, it was because of the fervent love he had for them. He also encourages them to take care of the business of the church, including discipline when it is needed. But they needed to be careful not to be too harsh in their discipline. He reminded them, as we also need to be reminded, that biblical discipline is always for restoration. So, if the discipline is too harsh, or unbearable, it could remove any possibility of restoring the erring one(s).

This chapter closes with Paul sharing the great promise that God always leads us to victory in Christ, and allows us to make His Name known to the world. I hope you see the fact that God uses you to share His glorious Gospel as a great privilege. Think about what the Lord has entrusted to us…His matchless and amazing Gospel. It is a privilege to share the truths of God…even in a world that for the most part rejects it. Imagine what Paul says about us…we are a sweet-smelling fragrance to God. As we share the Gospel and live our lives in Christ…to those who believe we are the aroma of life, but to those who reject Christ we are the aroma of death. We are the same people, sharing the same message…how they see us is dependent on whether or not they receive the Lord. The sharing of the Gospel to us is not a matter of “peddling” it…we are not selling Christ. We are sincere in our concern for others that they might know the reality of Jesus’ salvation, and that they might experience eternal life.

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