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APRIL 9 READINGS…1 Samuel 1:9-4:11

In today’s reading we see the grace of God in answering the prayer of Hannah. Hannah was a godly woman and made an incredible vow to the Lord. The Lord did not require her vow, but He honored her heart. God granted her request and she kept her vow to Him by giving her son Samuel to the Lord’s service. Hannah gave a beautiful prayer of praise to the Lord, and in it she speaks great truth.

In the rest of the reading we see a stark contrast between the righteous and the profane. Eli’s family has turned from the Lord and His holiness. Though they were of the line of Aaron and were to serve as the High Priest in Shiloh for the people of Israel...they had so corrupted themselves and the sacrifices that the Lord said He would remove them. They would not only be removed, but they would fall so far from their lofty positions that they would be begging for food. The Lord also said that Eli’s son would both die on the same day. The Lord takes blasphemy seriously...especially when it is committed by those who have been set aside to serve the Lord as His priests (ministers). Take note all you charlatans serving in the churches in the “Name of the Lord”...God is not mocked, and He will not tolerate your profane apostate teachings, or your abuse of His people.

Samuel is an example of a righteous person, as was his mother. Even as a boy he walked in fear and honor before the Lord. The Lord spoke to Samuel...which was a very rare thing in those days. Samuel had never had this happen before, so he thought it was Eli calling him. Finally, Eli realized that Samuel was hearing from the Lord, and he instructed Samuel to respond to God the next time He spoke. The Lord spoke again to Samuel, and in doing so Samuel began his call of a Prophet. God told Samuel what He was going to do in Israel and in the family of Eli. Samuel, right from the start, spoke the word of the Lord...Eli was resolute to receive what the Lord had declared. The prophecy that came from the Lord to Samuel came true as the Israelites were defeated by the Philistines, and the sons of Eli were killed. Samuel was a true prophet of God, even as a boy. It is good to be reminded that the proof of a genuine prophet is that what they speak from the Lord always comes true...always!

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings. Ask the Lord that your life be one of righteousness and that you would always stay away from the profane.

TOMORROW’S READING... 1 Samuel 4:12-8:22

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