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We finish our reading through the book of Luke today. After Jesus’ death on the cross, they took His body and buried it in the tomb of Joseph. Because it was a Sabbath they had to wait to do the final work on the body. So, on Sunday the women came to put the proper spices on Jesus’ body. When they got there the stone was rolled away from the entrance of the tomb, and they could not find the body of Jesus. Once again, we see, that they like us, many times hear but don’t listen with understanding. They should not have expected to find Jesus’ body in the tomb…He said it would not be there. Two angels met them at the tomb and asked them a question of revelation. “Why are you seeking the living among the dead” …”He is not here, He is Risen!” The angels reminded that ladies that Jesus had told them that this would happen. These ladies had now experienced the fact of Jesus’ Resurrection, and they ran to tell all the followers of Jesus. This fact would become the central fact of the message of the followers of Jesus when sharing the Gospel with the world. It remains the essential truth as we share the Gospel in the world the Lord has called us to. When was the last time you ran to tell people that Jesus Is Alive?

Jesus appears to two men on the road to Emmaus. In this meeting He reveals that their hope had been met…that He indeed is the hope of Israel, and the whole world. They did not want to let Jesus go…His very presence caused their hearts to burn within them. Soon they would experience the same burning when the Holy Spirit would come upon them. Jesus then appears to the remaining eleven apostles. At first, they did not believe it was the Lord, but as He sat and ate with them their eyes were opened and they knew it was Jesus. Jesus gives them His commission to go to be witnesses to all people about who He is and the fact that He rose from the dead…giving hope to all people who would believe. We have been given the same commission. It is not a small thing that Jesus literally rose from the dead. For if He did not, then our faith is meaningless…and we remain lost in our sin, without hope. Do you believe? If you do, share this wonderful Gospel with all those that the Holy Spirit leads you to.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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