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APRIL 6 READINGS…Judges 19:1-21:25

What a mess! Today's readings can be summed up in the final phrase that you read today..."In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes." Everything you read today flows from a people who were only doing what was right in their own eyes. They had no standard of truth...the Word of God had no authority in their lives. It is much the same way today...people are making decisions based on their feelings and what their heart tells them to do. There is a problem with this approach, here it is...“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?"-Jeremiah 17:9. Mankind is not innately good...we are innately wicked and evil. A God-less people are a people headed for their own self destruction. Mankind is capable of every evil that is imaginable...only the Holy Spirit can make a heart right...only the Holy Spirit can change us to be able to do what is right and pleasing to God. We live in a wicked time...people have rejected God and the authority of His Word...and everyone is doing what they have chosen to be right. So, we condone what God has condemned...we celebrate our sin in a brazen manner and thumb our nose at God.

In Israel we have the wicked homosexuals that wanted to have a guest in another man's home be sent out to them that they might have homosexual sex with them. (The last time this kind of wickedness was recorded in the Bible was at Sodom and Gomorrah.) Instead the man's concubine was cast out to these wicked men and she was repeatedly raped until she died. The man took her home and cut up her body and sent parts to the twelve tribes of Israel to show what an evil thing had been done. From this the tribes gathered and went to war with the tribe of Benjamin, who had decided to defended these evil doers. They killed off all the people except for 600 how could this tribe continue? Once again, these evil people destroyed a city and only let 400 virgins live to be made brides for the men of Benjamin, and when there were still 200 virgins needed they set up a scheme for the men of Benjamin to take the women from their families and make them their wives. What kind of wicked people do such as this? Well those who create and watch shows that depict wife swapping, homosexual relations, marriage at first sight, child bride, etc. Our nation does what is right in its own eyes...and this wickedness is bringing God's judgment and destruction upon our land. America needs Christ desperately...for if we do not come to Him we will destroy ourselves with our wickedness.

Please share any thoughts you might have from today's readings. Today we finish Judges...Ruth is an easier read.

TOMORROW’S READING... Ruth 1:1-4:12

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