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APRIL 30 READINGS...2 Samuel 19:31-20:26 & Psalm 7 & 2 Samuel 21:1-22 & 1 Chronicles 20:4-8

Today’s reading begins with David being generous to Barzillal who had taken care of David and his men in exile. Though Barzillal was too old to go with David, his son Kimham would take his place and receive honor in David’s palace. Now that David would return as king his tribe and the other tribes of Israel would fight over their proper place of honor. The tribe of Judah was cruel to the other tribes, and once again this gave an opening for an attempted coup. A man from the tribe of Benjamin, Sheba, was attempting to raise an army against David. David sends his men led by Joab and Amasa to stop him before his following got too large. Joab once again shows his corrupt nature and murders Amasa on the road to take Sheba. The people of the town where Sheba was holding up agreed to kill him and throw his head over the wall and stop the coup.

David needs to make things right with the remnant of the Gibeonites. Saul had broken the promise made through Joshua to these people, and slaughtered almost them all. The price was high in order for reconciliation to be sons of Saul would have to be executed. David and his army would kill off the last of the giants of Gath, and defeat the Philistine army. In these battles David is almost killed and it became apparent that he was too old to go into battle. So, this would be the last time David goes into battle. David is moving to the end of his reign as king of has been a bumpy ride...mostly because of decisions made by David. Sadly, both David’s house, and the leadership in his armies are not without corruption. David was still a man after God, so God’s hand remains on him. We are much like David, we don’t always do or say the right things...but through Jesus the Lord’s hand remains on us. I am so grateful that the Lord does not leave us...but He is faithful to His Word toward us, not just for today, tomorrow, or a lifetime...but for eternity.

Share your thoughts and insights from today’s readings. I hope you can see that the Lord is fulfilling His plan...even through fallible people.

TOMORROW’S READINGS...2 Samuel 22:1-51 & Psalm 18

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