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If there is one person that you would want to pray for you, who would that be? I have known many people through the years that God has placed in my life that I covet, need, and cherish their prayers. When they pray for me, I have confidence that the Lord hears their prayers, and gives them His wonderful answers. I am so grateful for all the prayer warriors in my life. But, to tell the truth there is one that I place above all others when it comes to prayer…that is Jesus. In John 17 we have Jesus praying…let’s look at this wonderful prayer. If you are a follower of Jesus then you are being prayed for in Jesus’ prayer, by Jesus Himself.

First, Jesus prays for Himself. I would say right here that many people feel uncomfortable praying for themselves. Don’t, Jesus prayed for Himself, and so should we. This is our time to communicate with our Father about what we are going through…we can share our feelings, struggles, hurts, and needs…knowing that He hears and answers. Jesus prayer was simple, but powerful. He asked His Father to glorify Himself through Him. To glorify means to make known…Jesus wanted His Father to be made known through what He was about to do. Earlier Jesus said that the reason He came was to reveal (make known) the Father. Part of our prayer for ourselves needs to be, “Father make yourself known through my life”.

Second, Jesus prayed for the eleven disciples. He knew what they were about to face, and He asked that the Father would protect them as they stayed in the world. They would remain for a while longer on the earth, and they needed God’s presence, power, and protection in the world. These have believed, received the Word of God, and are now prepared to used of God to establish His church in the world. Jesus asked that they would be sanctified (made holy) but the Father’s truth. Incredibly, these weak men would be transformed to do exactly what Jesus prayed about…they would establish His church throughout the world.

That brings us to the last group Jesus prayed for…” those that would believe in Him through the word of the disciples”. Who is that? It’s YOU and ME! Praise God, Jesus prayed for us before going to the cross. I love the thought that when Jesus prayed on that day He had me and you on His heart and mind. He prayed that as He and His Father are one, we too would be one. He prayed for unity in Himself. The world does not know God, even if they claim to, they are ignorant of who He is. But, we who have come to God through Jesus know the Father…He is our Father…He loves us…and He promises to be with us and take care of us. Before His arrest, before His crucifixion…Jesus knew our name and He prayed for us. Thank you, Jesus!

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