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APRIL 2 READINGS…Judges 7:1-9:21

The victory belongs to the Lord! It was God’s plan to give Gideon and the Israelites victory over the Midianite’s...but this victory would be the Lord’s, and no man could take credit. Once again God proves His promises to His people. He tells Gideon that 32,000 troops he had were far too many...for any victory over the Midianite’s would be seen as their own, and not the Lord’s. So, God tells Gideon to reduce the troops to a number where there could be no doubt that the victory was from God. The final number that Gideon would take into battle against tens of thousands of troops from Midian was 300. God caused confusion in the Midianite’s camp as the 300 Israelites blew their horns and lit torches surrounding the Midianite’s camp...the Midianites began to kill each other. Gideon led his troops to chase the Midianite’s and their kings who fled...and ultimately, he destroyed them so they would never rise again. Today’s passage reminds us that the battle belongs to the Lord...whatever enemy you are facing the Lord will fight for you, and when He fights the victory is guaranteed!

Gideon served forty years, but like so many people that the Lord uses Gideon did not always do what was right and best in the sight of the Lord. This cost him, his family, and the people of Israel. Gideon married many wives, and he kept concubine...he had seventy sons, and we have no idea how many daughters. From the plunder of his victory he made an ephod to set up in his hometown...and the people began to worship it. After his death his son by his concubine, Abimelech, made a pact with the people of Shechem and killed all of his brothers, all the sons of Gideon, except for Jotham. Jotham called both Abimelech and Shechem to accountability for what they had done. The people were in disarray after Gideon’s death...his family was killing each other and seeking personal notoriety...once again they all left God and returned to worshiping Baal. How quickly we forget our total dependence on God, and start seeking our own. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit would remind us each day, all day long that it is all about the Lord, and that we are totally dependent upon Him for everything!

Share your thoughts on today’s reading. As you think of this weekend of our Savior’s death and Resurrection...let it remind you of how dependent you are on Him for all you have...for all you are...and for all you do.

TOMORROW'S BIBLE READING... Judges 9:22-11:28



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