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The first part of our reading today records an incredible conversation that Jesus had with a Pharisee named Nicodemus. Nicodemus came to Jesus in the night, clearly because he was concerned what is would look like to be seen with Jesus. Nicodemus is impressed with the signs and miracles that Jesus was doing, these things caused him to make the statement that Jesus must have come from God. Jesus cuts to the chase and tells Nicodemus that unless a person is born again, they cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus did not understand what Jesus meant and was confused as to how a grow man could possibly re-enter his mother’s womb to be born again. Jesus clarified the birth He was referring to was that which came from God. It was not about the physical birth, but was about the spiritual birth, the new birth, that makes a person right with God. It is brought to us by the Holy Spirit, and it cannot occur any other way. Nicodemus wanted to know how this works. Jesus tells him about His coming crucifixion, and His coming ascension back to the Father from whom He came. Then Jesus tells Nicodemus that whoever believes in the one and only Son sent by the Father will not perish, but will be given everlasting life. Jesus came that the world might be saved through Him, rather than be condemned in their sin. Finally, Jesus tells Nicodemus that there is a clear distinction between the righteous and the unrighteous…it is seen in the life each one lives. I have a question for everyone reading this, “Have you been born again?” Have you trusted and believed in the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to die on a cross, to pay for your sin? Have you believed…if not you can right now.

John then records for us a concern that John the Baptist’s disciples expressed to him. They were concerned that Jesus was baptizing people, rather than the people being baptized by John. Remember that baptism is about immersion in water, but it is also about identification. John’s disciples were concerned he was losing followers. So, they came to John, who made it clear the proper order of things. He told them that he was sent to come before the Christ, to prepare the way for Him. John makes this incredible statement that should always be the attitude and life of we who claim to be followers of Jesus…”He must increase, but I must decrease”. Does your life reflect an exaltation of Jesus, and a humiliation of self? It’s not about us, it’s about Jesus. The church and believers to do exist to promote themselves, they exist to glorify Jesus. The words of life are not ours, they belong to the Lord Jesus. We share the Gospel, we do not proselyte followers to ourselves, or to our particular church. For those who believe in JESUS have everlasting life, but those who do not believe in Jesus shall not see life, but will experience the wrath of God. My brothers and sisters, share Jesus, live Jesus…for it’s all about JESUS!

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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