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Today’s reading are some of the most controversial in today’s church. They are controversial because people want their own way, and it is the nature of mankind to be disobedient…sadly, even in the church. The first part of this chapter has little controversy, and gives us a good way to live our lives in this fallen world. Paul reminds us to pray for those who are in authority…yes, even when we don’t agree with those in authority. We must remember that when Paul wrote this he was living in a very oppressive regime. But, Paul said we are to pray for those in authority, for it is good and acceptable in the sight of the Lord. For the primary focus of the Lord is for people to be saved. Paul reminds us that there is one Mediator between God and mankind…He is the one who gave Himself as a ransom (payment) for our sin, Jesus. We are called to pray everywhere with clean and holy hands lift up to our God.

Now Paul speaks specifically of when the church gathers for public worship. Again, remember the context is when the followers of Christ gather for worship. This has become so controversial because of both pragmatism and disobedience. The women of God are required to dress modestly. Modestly when it comes to the revealing of their body…and modestly when it comes to their adornment. Her dress is a testimony of her faith in God…for it allows her to point others to Jesus, rather than having them focus on her. In the time of worship, it is not God’s order for a woman to teach/preach. This makes so people angry, and they accuse Paul of misogyny. He is not at all prejudice against women…he just understands God’s creative order, and God’s plan that the man be both responsible for, and lead in the spiritual things in the church and in the home. Paul makes it clear concerning his reasoning by speaking of both Adam and Eve. Paul closes by speaking of woman being “saved by childbirth”…what is he talking about? He is speaking of the promise of God concerning the Messiah being born of woman. Paul clarifies this statement for the individual woman by adding the need for faith, love, and holiness with self-control.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.


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