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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

OCTOBER 28, 2021 READINGS..Mark 13:32-37 & Matthew 24:36-51 & Luke 21:34-38 & Matthew 25:1-46

The clear message from the first part of our reading today is “TO BE READY”. Each of the writers of the Gospels remind us that NO one knows the day or the hour of the return of Christ. So, let me remind you not to run after, or listen, to those who claim a date of Jesus’ return. They are always out there and each time they are proven wrong, they give the unbelieving world a reason to scoff, and reject that Jesus is coming back. I remember when I was pastoring my first church in Tucson, that one day we came out of church and on the front window of every vehicle was a book, “88 Reasons That Jesus Will Return In 1988”. Of course, He did not return. But, you won’t believe this, the next year on the cars windshield there was placed another book, “89 Reasons That Jesus Will Return In 1989”. Incredibly there are those Christian’s who listen and take this tripe seriously. I would encourage us all to take the words of Jesus seriously, and not the words of some guy writing his own book from a place of biblical ignorance. The Lord gives the illustration of the ten virgins…five were ready and prepared…sadly, five were not ready and they missed Him. Jesus also gave the illustration of three servants…two were faithful with what the Lord had given them, while one was unfaithful. Jesus tells us that there is a high price to pay for unfaithfulness to Him.

In the last part of our reading Jesus tells us about the coming final judgement. He tells us the day will come when He will separate His people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. For the Lord’s sheep, there is the promise of heaven and eternity. For the goats there is the reality of an eternity separated from God…and place of eternal punishment. Eternity is real…heaven is real…hell is real. All people will one day see God…some will see Him as their loving Father, welcoming them home…and some will see Him as their righteous Judge, giving them what they have asked for in their rebellion and unbelief. I hope that each of your reading this are ready to meet God. The Bible clearly teaches that the only way to be ready is through faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Don’t listen to the false teachers who tell you there is no hell…no eternity…that you don’t need to be born again…I will listen to what Jesus says, rather than listen to these demonic apostates.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Mark 14:1-2 & Matthew 26:1-5 & Luke 22:1-2 &Mark 14:10-11 & Matthew 26:14-16 & Luke 22:3-6 & Mark 14:12-16 & Matthew 26:17-9 & Luke 22:7-13 & John 13:1-17 & Mark 14:17-26 & Matthew 26:20-30 & Luke 22:14-30 & John 13:18-30

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