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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

OCTOBER 26, 2021 READINGS... Mark 12:28-34 & Matthew 22:34-40 & Mark 12:35-37 & Matthew 22:41-46 & Luke 20:41-44 & Mark 12:38-40 & Matthew 23:1-12 & Luke 20:45-47 & Matthew 23:13-39 & Mark 12:41-44 & Luke 21:1-4

Jesus’ wisdom quiets His skeptics from the religious community. Once again, He is asked what is the greatest of the commandments. His reply is to love God, and to love your neighbor. One of the religious leaders actually agreed with Jesus and said this was more important than burnt offerings and sacrifices. Jesus told him that he was getting it…and close to the kingdom of God. Jesus then turned the tables on the. Religious leaders and asked them a question. How could Messiah be the son of David when David called Him Lord? They could not answer Him…it was beyond their comprehension. These truths are understood by the revelation of the Holy Spirit…and sadly these men were religious, but lost. The Spirit of God was unknown to them; therefore the could not understand what Jesus was saying.

Then Jesus began to speak truth about the spiritual condition of the religious leaders of Israel. Jesus did not hesitate to call them out, and identify them. So many today will not call out even the most obvious false teachers…they would rather call for unity regardless of what false teachings these blind leaders of the blind teach in our day. Listen, there is no unity with that which is false…and we are called to discern through the Word…mark these false teachers…and stay away from their poisonous teachings. Look at what Jesus called them…hypocrites, leading people to hell, blind fools, blind guides, filthy cups, whitewashed tombs filled with dead bones and iniquity, murderers, snakes, vipers, headed for hell! Jesus did not hold back on the false teachers and religious leaders then…and He sees them the same way today. For these evil people are leading precious souls to a godless eternity. Then as Jesus comes to the Temple he sees people bringing their tithes and offerings. Among them a poor widow who gave a very little bit of money. Jesus said that she actually gave more than even those rich who put in a great amount…for she had given all she had. For us everything we have belongs to God…we should never hesitate to give Him our all.

Share your thoughts from today’s reading.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Mark 13:1-23 & Matthew 24:1-25 & Luke 22:5-24 &

Mark 13:24-31 &Matthew 24:26-35 & Luke 21:25-33

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