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OCTOBER 15, 2021 READINGS... John 8:21-59 & Luke10:1-11:13

The reading in John this morning reveals the great gap between understanding the things of God, and the mind that can only comprehend earthly things. Jesus tries to speak this distinction to those who would not believe. He finally tells them that when they crucify Him they will know who He is. He then shares with hpthem the truth that He is the Son of God, that HE IS THE GREAT I AM. He spoke to them of freedom, yet once again they remained talking of earthly things, not understanding that they were slaves spiritually…slave to their sins. They claimed Abraham as their father…but Jesus told them that Abraham was not their father, for they were nothing like Abraham. Then they claimed God as their Father, but Jesus told them that God was not their Father…for if He was they would know who Jesus was, and love Him. Jesus then told them their father was the devil. That he was a liar…that is his nature…and they were just like him. When Jesus tried to tell them that He came from heaven, and that He is eternal, by using the Name of God, “I AM”…they sought to stone Him. One can only know Jesus if He has been revealed to them by the Holy Spirit.

The second part of our reading comes from the book of Luke. He sends our 72 of His new disciples. They are amazed that the demons obey when thay use the Name of Jesus. Jesus told them not to focus on this, but to rejoice that there names are recorded in heaven. Jesus is asked about the greatest commandment. He refers the inquisitor to the law of Moses. The man says, “Love God with every fiber of your being, and love your neighbor as your self.” The man who was seeking self-justification then asks Jesus to explain who was his neighbor. Jesus tells a story of a Good Samaritan…this story expands the mindset of those who think that their neighbor is only those who are just like them. Jesus then visits Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus. Mary wants to sit and listen, while Martha is busy doing things. This upsets Martha that Mary isn’t busy, but Jesus tells Martha to calm down,as Mary has chosen the better things by listening. Finally, we have Jesus teaching His disciples how to pray. We need to ask the Lord, “teach me to pray.” Our Father is waiting both to hear from us in prayer, and to speak to us in prayer.

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Luke 11:14-12:34

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