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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

OCTOBER 12, 2021 READINGS... Mark 8:22-30 & Matthew 16:13-20 & Luke 9:18-20 &

Mark 8:31-9:1 & Matthew 16:21-28 & Luke 9:21-27 & Mark 9:2-13 & Matthew 17:1-13 &

Luke 9:28-36

In today’s reading we have two very familiar times in the life of Christ. The first has to deal with Peter and his statement and rebuke of Jesus. The second is the transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord and His disciples came to the region of Caesarea Philippi. This is in the Northern part of Israel at the head waters of the Jordan River. One of the notable landmarks of this region is a large basalt cliff that overlooks the city. It was in this place that Jesus asks His disciples two important questions. “Who do men say that I am?” and “Who do you say that I am?” The response to the first was filled with religious, but wrong answers. Peter answered the second question with, “You are the Christ the Son of the living God”. Jesus told Peter that he was both right and blessed, because heaven had revealed this eternal truth to him. The Lord changed his name…and said upon this rock the Lord would build His church. The “rock” was not Peter, but the statement made by Peter. Jesus began to share with His disciples about His impending death. Peter took Jesus aside and rebuked Him for saying these things. Jesus said, “Get behind me Satan”. He was not calling Peter Satan, anymore than He was calling Peter the “rock” upon which He would build His church. He was rebuking Satan for his influence on Peter, and Peter for listening to Satan, instead of listening to the Holy Spirit.

The second event we read about was on the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus at Caesarea Philippi had said that there were some that were with Him there that would not see death before they saw the Kingdom of God. Six days later Peter, James, and John were with the Lord upon on a high mountain. Suddenly, Jesus was transformed before them…and Elijah and Moses appeared and began to speak with Jesus. Why Elijah and Moses? Elijah represented the prophets, and Moses represented the law. Peter became excited and wanted to build shelters for Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. Suddenly, a voice came from God in heaven saying, “This is my Son (speaking of Jesus), listen to Him.” Elijah and Moses were immediately gone. You see, Elijah, representing the prophets had his time…and Moses, representing the law had his time. It is Jesus who is the fulfillment of both the prophets and the law. These disciples got to see Jesus in His glorious eternal body…they got to see the Kingdom of God. We need to remember that all the Scripture…the prophetic parts…the law…the poetry…even the history, is about Jesus. We need to keep our hearts, minds, and souls transfixed on Jesus.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Mark 9:14-29 & Matthew 17:14-21 & Luke 9:37-43a &

Mark 9:30-32 & Matthew 17:22-23 & Luke 9:43b-45 & Matthew 17:24-27 & Mark 9:33-37 & Matthew 18:1-6 & Luke 9:46-48 & Mark 9:38-41 & Luke 9:49-50 & Mark 9:42-50 &

Matthew 18:7-35

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