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James wants us to know that genuine faith produces humility. Pride is the opposite of humility…and pride is the original sin. Pride continues to be the main sin of mankind today. Ultimately, pride will cause a person to reject Christ and His wonderful offer of forgiveness and eternal life. Pride leads a person to declare that they don’t need Jesus or God…they can do it on their own. Pride produces wars, that is fights, within the church. Everybody wants what their pride tells them they deserve…and if they don’t get it, their pride, leads them to attack and destroy their brothers and sisters in Christ. Pride causes us to pray in a wrong manner…again treated God like He is a cosmic genie who exists to fulfill our selfish desires. Pride tells us we can remain a friend of the world and a friend of God at the same time. This is a lie…if you desire to be a friend of this world, you have made yourself an enemy of God. We have been called to humility. Humility is not thinking too much of yourself, nor is it thinking too little of yourself…humility is not thinking of yourself at all. Humility will cause us to submit to God…this enables us to resist the devil, requiring him to flee. When we humble ourselves before God we don’t have to worry about our status in this world…for in humility God raises us up to where He wants us…and there is no greater status than that. Humility stops us from thinking we are the judge of our brothers and sisters…there is one Judge, and He does not need our help.

When faith is at work in our lives we see how dependent we are on God. Each day we realize that we exist at His will…He holds not only today, but He holds our eternity. Faith helps us see that is we know that God holds our eternity, we can certainly trust Him with our todays and tomorrows. We are here for a moment, and then we are gone…our life is a vapor. We are called to live each day by faith, trusting God that He will accomplish His will, while we make His will the priority in our lives. We have no room to boast of self…this arrogancy and is sinful. We know what is good and right as people of faith…let’s do it!

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