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Jude is another short book that was pinned by the half brother of Jesus. Jude’s concern is with the false teachers that have come into the church and have brought their apostate teachings to share among the people of God. It needs to be said here that there is a difference between a poor teacher/mistaken teacher, and a false teacher. Any teacher is capable of being incorrect, but if they are genuine, they are open to correction. The false teacher intentionally a teaching that is false…and they are never open to correction. Jude warns these false teachers, and informs the church, of the certainly of the judgment of God upon them because their grievous heresies. God did not spare the angels…nor did he spare Sodom and Gomorrah, and He will not look past these false teachers, but will bring judgment upon them.

These false teachers are dreamers who live in their defiled flesh, while they speak evil of God’s glorious ones. They have gone the way of the out-right disobedience of Cain. They are greedy, like Balaam…they sell their “god” and themselves to the highest bidder. They are like Korah, who live in rebellion against God, and lead others to rebel against God. They are unclean…and they have nothing to give of any real value to the church. They make great boasts, and trust in their own flesh and its appeal to carnal people in the church to lead them astray. They stand in judgment of God right now, and will one day face the eternal judgment of God for their destructive heresies that they taught, and how they led the people astray. We are called to remember and remain in the pure words of our Lord Jesus. We are to strength our faith in the Spirit and the Word. We are to keep ourselves only unto the Lord and His truth. Help those who can be helped…make a distinction between those who can, and those who can’t. Finally, our lives are meant to give glory to God…for He alone is wise, and all things belong to Him whose power and dominion stand forever and ever.

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