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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

NOVEMBER 3, 2021 READINGS... Mark 15:2-5 & Matthew 27:11-14 & Luke 23:1-12 &

John 18:28-40 & Mark 15:6-15 & Matthew 27:15-26 & Luke 23:13-25 & John 19:1-16 &

Mark 15:16-20 & Matthew 27:27-31 & Luke 22:63-65

We humans have a warped idea that if we can get others to do our dirty deeds, then somehow our hands are clean. The Jewish religious leaders did this by taking Jesus to Pilate. Pilate did this by washing his hands and proclaiming his innocence in the death of Jesus. When in reality he did not have to pronounce the death sentence, or let it be carried out. There is nothing new here. If we go back to the book of Genesis we see the “blame game” in its fullness. When caught in sin the woman blamed the serpent, the man blamed the woman, and ultimately God. Throughout history this as been the mode of operation for humanity. Again, we falsely believe that if we can shift the blame or the responsibility…we are somehow innocent. Truth is we all have blood on our hands…we are all guilty. That’s why Jesus came…that is why Jesus died. Pilot had no power to take Jesus’ life…it was Jesus who freely laid down His own life. With one-word Jesus could have made all of creation implode…but He did not defend Himself, for He came to die.

The corruption of mankind makes it do strange things, and it makes it have strange allies. The Jewish leaders claimed they had no king, but Caesar…really? They decided a murdered like Barabbas should go free, and Jesus, the true Messiah should die on a Roman cross. Jesus was taken by the Roman guards and they mocked Him…they mocked His Kingship. One day, each of them will stand before the One they mock and profess that Jesus is Lord. And that is true for all people, of all times. Every person will one day declare that Jesus is Lord. That is the greatest torment of eternity for those who rejected Jesus when they had the opportunity to believe in Him…they will know for eternity that Jesus is Lord. You have heard that, “all roads lead to God” …that is true, but not in the sense that the ecumenists mean it. Everyone will one day stand before God…the only question is will you stand before Him as His child, being welcomed into His Kingdom…or will you stand before Him as your Judge, and spend eternity in hell. Jesus is Lord…is He your Lord?

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading.

TOMORROW’S READINGS… Mark 15:21-24 & Matthew 27:32-34 & Luke 23:26-31 &

John 19:17 & Mark 15:25-32 & Matthew 27:35-44 & Luke 23:32-43 & John 19:18-27 &

Mark 15:33-41 & Matthew 27:45-56 & Luke 23:44-49 & John 19:28-37

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