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John’s third epistle is a very personal letter. He speaks of three people in the church, and the impact of the way they live their faith in the church. He starts with Gaius. It is clear that John is blessed by the faith of Gaius, as he prays for Gaius’ prosperity, health, and spiritual health. John has been receiving testimonies of travelers who speak of Gaius’ stand for God’s truth, and also walks in God’s truth. I pray that my epitaph will be, “he believed God’s truth, he lived God’s truth, and he shared God’s truth”. John also spoke of the way Gaius led the church to take care of those strangers that came among them. That the church ministered to these people in a “manner worthy of God”. Finally, he praised Gaius for doing what he did in the church, not for personal gain, but for the glory of God. The second person John commends in this letter is Demetrius because of his great testimony of faith. Again, Demetrius like Gaius, had a strong testimony of standing in the truth of God.

John also had to deal with a man named Diotrephes in this letter. His words were not those of commendation, but words of correction. Diotrephes loved the lime-light…he loved to stand in the place of prominence. He was the most important person in the church…at least in his own eyes. We must be careful that we don’t act in the spirit of Diotrephes…it really is not about us. Diotrephes speaks discord in the church, he does not recognize the position of the Apostle and speaks maliciously against John. Diotrephes won't even receive John and others in the church, and by force puts others out of the church who would dare to welcome John. John tells us not to imitate, or be like, Diotrephes, for he is evil…instead we are to imitate that which is good, men like Gaius and Demetrius.

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