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James is the half brother of Jesus, and the head of the church council in Jerusalem. His epistle is a call to genuine faith that is evident in the way we live. Faith that does not change our actions, our attitudes, or our verbiage is a dead faith. We can be sure our faith will be tested by the world we live in…if it does not stand up, it is not biblical faith. Biblical faith can be bent, beaten, and stretched…but biblical faith will not be broken. The testing actually purifies and strengthens our faith…it removes that which does not belong (the dross), and it leaves a pure, biblical faith. Faith is single minded toward the promises and activity of God. Faith shows no partiality…and levels the ground that we as believers walk on…no one is exalted above another. We are only here, on this earth for a short time…let our faith in God strengthen us for the call that God has for us here. If we face temptation it is not from God…for God neither tempts us to do evil, nor can He be tempted to do evil. Our temptation is a result of our own sinful desires, that are the result of we walking in the flesh rather than in faith. God is the Giver of every good and perfect gift, and there is no variant of good or evil in God…He is always perfectly good and holy.

We are called to be doers of the Word, and not be those who merely hear the Word. The proof that we have received the Word of God is that we obey the Word of God. We are required to put away the things of this world, and the things we used to do when we were in the world…when we were not believers. We were saved and blessed to be a blessing to others. This requires that our faith be revealed in the way we act toward others. Genuine faith does not merely believe…genuine faith does. The proof that we have genuine faith is seen in the way take care of those most in need…the orphans, widows in trouble. The proof of faith is also seen in us living in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, keeping ourselves from being corrupted by the world.

Please share your thoughts from today’s reading. As a side note, I have written a book that is a synopsis of the book of James, called “Taking It Off The Page”. If you would like a copy, let me know through a private message and I will tell you how you can get one. They are $10, and the proceeds all go to reaching and ministering to the people of Haiti.


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