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Peter closes out this first letter by giving instruction to both the Pastor/Elder, and to the people of the church. A healthy church is like a healthy family…the pastor and the people working together for the cause of the kingdom of God. A church becomes dysfunctional when either the pastor of the people starts believing that the church belongs to them, and start believing that they are in charge. Jesus is the Head of His church. Now if the pastor is in control…it’s the pastor’s church, not the Lord’s church. And if the people believe they are in control…it’s the people’s church, not the Lord’s church. It is true that the pastor is to be leaders, but they need to be servant/leaders…the same as Jesus was. The people fulfill different roles in the church, the same way as there are different roles in the family…this does not make one person, or group of people, more important than others. In the church we walk together with Jesus as our Head…we seek what His will is…and we encourage all members to be involved in carrying out the ministry of Christ in this world.

To the Pastor/Elder, Peter exhorts them to shepherd the flock of God. A shepherd takes care of his sheep…he guides them…and he protects them from the predators who seek to destroy them. The pastor is to lead from a position of service…and are to serve willingly, and never for dishonest gain. They are not to “lord” over the people…but are to be examples of what it means to be a follower of Christ. The people are to be responsive to their God-called pastor…as they also submit to one another. The church is to be characterized by their humility, and never seek self-exaltation…letting God raise up who He chooses to raise up. The church is to entrust their cares to God. They are also to live soberly and be vigilant, for the devil is prowling around seeing who he can devour. We are to resist Satan…and we do this by submitting to God in all things.

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