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MAY 7 READINGS...Psalm 12-17 & 19-21

Today we read several Psalms of David. There is a constant theme in many of these Psalm as David calls out to the Lord for protection, strength, and victory. These writings remind us of our total and complete dependence upon God for all things. Ultimately there can be no victory, no abundant life, and certainly no eternal life apart from the Lord. David reminds us that no one can stand against the Lord...for who is greater than God? We need to know this truth as we face the giants in our lives. It is the enemies of God that our enemies...and since that is true, it is the Lord who will destroy His enemies...that’s not our call. David reminds us of the need to stay in the Word of God...keep the commands of God...and obey the law of God. For the law of God is...”more desirable than gold, and sweeter than honey.”

The Psalms of David remind us also that nothing has changed in the human condition. The godly are fast disappearing, and the faithful are hard to find. It seems it has always been about the remnant of God. People lie purposely, and believe they have impunity...but God knows. God will protect His own from the lies...and punish the liars. They believe they will get away with their evil words and deeds, because they are fools who have said in their hearts, “there is no God”. These are the corrupt people, handed over to reprobate hearts...they are cut off by God Himself. He has handed them over to debase minds, because they reject the Creator while worshiping the creation. Our world is filled with these people, and they practice and condone every vile and ungodly thing that their evil imaginations can come up with. David reminds us that hell awaits these haters of God, and they will run when they see His might. We thought will rejoice in the power and presence of the Lord...we will sing and celebrate the Lord’s mighty acts!

Please share how these Psalms were used of the Lord to touch your heart.


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