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MAY 4 READINGS...1 Chronicles 26:1-28:21

Today's readings continue with the preparation work that David was doing for the building of the temple. As we discovered in previous readings David could not build the temple...but the Lord told him that his son Solomon would build the temple. David's job now was to get everything ready, and make sure that not only was the provisions for building available, but also that the people who would be used in the temple ministry were prepared and set aside for their duties.

David had instruction and advice that he gave Solomon...these words are for us also. We would be wish to receive what David says and walk in this counsel all the days of our lives. Sadly, Solomon only walked as he should have for a period of the time he became an old man, it was evident that he had strayed from his father's counsel...and more importantly from the Lord. My brothers and sisters we are not called to follow the Lord for just a day, or just a week or year...but for a lifetime. Here is some counsel from David for Solomon, and for us. Spend your life getting to know the One true and living God...there is nothing greater for a human than to truly know the Lord. Worship and serve the Lord with your whole heart...there is no halfway with the Lord, He doesn't just want part of our hearts, He wants our whole heart. Be reminded that God sees all and God knows all...there is nothing hidden from don't try to hide anything from Him. Seek the Lord always...He promises to be found. Do not forsake the Lord...stay the course...our lives belong to Him, and we are His for eternity. Don't be afraid or discouraged...both fear and discouragement paralyze us. We are to walk in faith, not fear. This is great counsel for each of us, as we remember that God will always supply what is needed for that which He has called us to...and even more, God is our supply!

Please share your thoughts and insights. Begin today to apply the counsel and truth from the Word of God...and see how God fulfills His faithful promises in your life.

TOMORROWS' READINGS...1 Chronicles 29:1-22 & 1 Kings 1:1-53

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