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MAY 26 READINGS...1 Kings 4:1-34 & Psalm 72 & 127

Today we see the wisdom of Solomon on display as he gathers around himself some of the best people of the land around him as high officials and advisors. He also appoints twelve district governors whose responsibility was to make sure that the king's table always had all the food that was needed. These twelve would be put on a rotation schedule of a month each...this way the governor would only be responsible for the king's table one month out of the year. This was quite a task when you look at what was required daily for the palace...150 bushels of choice flour, and 300 bushels of meal...10 oxen...20 pasture fed cattle...100 sheep or goats...wild game...and poultry. Remember this was daily, and for the palace food supply. Once again, we see the Lord's warning to the people for wanting a king being played was costing them dearly to have a monarchy...even one as good as Solomon. The time will come when they have to live under the thumb of despot kings...and it will become much worse.

Psalm 72 is really a psalm of David for Solomon. The father is calling out to God on behalf of the son. You can see David's heart for the poor, and he prayed that Solomon would have that kind of a heart. He desired for Solomon great power, great wealth, and a great heart for the needy of the land. In Psalm 127 we are given two great truths. First, the truth that unless the Lord builds a house, those who build it do so in vain. This is true in every area of life...that which the Lord builds will stand, on our own our efforts will crumble and fall. This correlates with Jesus' statement about building our homes on the solid rock...not on the shifting sand. Jesus is the solid Rock... and "On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand". Second, we are told that children are a blessing. This statement surely goes against the spirit of the age in which we live...we live in a culture of death. We have little to no concern that babies are being slaughtered in the place the should be the safest. We are told that children are a burden that will interrupt our lives, making us miserable. Children are disposable in our culture...we cast them aside either in the abortion mills, or we abandon them to the state...who is overwhelmed with these precious souls. The Bible teaches that children are a blessing...they are a gift from God...and blessed is those who have them.

Please share your thoughts from today's readings. Let the Lord build your life...and celebrate the gift of life.

TOMORROW'S READING...Proverbs 1:1-4:27

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