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MAY 13 READINGS...Psalm 68-70 & 86 & 101

David returns to the theme of imprecatory prayers for most of the Psalms that we read today. It is not only his prayer, but also his belief that God can and will destroy His enemies. David gets very specific in his verbiage concerning what he desires for God to do to them. But you will notice that in the midst of asking God to destroy His enemies, he also takes time to call the godly to sing and rejoice to the Lord. He declares the great and mighty acts of the Lord to His people Israel. The might power of God causes the armies of this world to flee. These “great” armies are no match for the Lord…and the people of God are safe in Him, regardless of the size and power of the armies of the enemies of God. We need to know this in our day and time. God is greater than all the power that this ungodly world and their godless leaders might try to bring against Him or His people. My brothers and sisters we rest safely in the arms of our mighty God…and ultimately it does not matter what the enemy of our soul and this world bring against us.

Psalm 69 speaks of the desperation David, and he sounds like he as at the end of his rope. He speaks of his exhaustion, and that he cannot continue on. He has even come to the place where he has no strength to call out to the Lord…he feels abandoned. Yet at the same time he knows that his feelings are misleading, and his thinking is foolish. He returns to praising God as he works through his physical and spiritual exhaustion. We have all been there…I am so glad that God is so faithful even when our feelings tell us otherwise. Finally, in Psalm 101 David gives us, what I believe is, as good plan for living our lives. A life of praise…a life that avoids sin…a life of integrity…a life that hates anything corrupt…a life that rejects perverse ideas…a life free of slander…a life that desires to be around faithful people…a life that exposes the wicked. David spoke my heart in this wonderful Psalm…I pray my life will reflect these truths and this pattern of living.

Please share your thoughts from today’s readings. Join me in prayer that we all can live a life that is both pleasing and honoring to the Lord.

TOMORROW’S READINGS…Psalm 103 & 108-110 & 122 & 124

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